Keystone-Belcher Lodge #153
Established 1883
808 Shore Road, Linwood NJ 08221

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As we head into May of 2016, I am looking back with honor on what we were able to accomplish thus far. Our lodge rallied together and put together a great fundraiser and a few incredible fellowship dinners.  May and June both have large fellowship dinners we all should attend and make memories we will never forget.  Thank you one and all for your hard work and contributions towards these great events.

We have updated a few of our communication methods for our lodge in 2016, most notably, our Facebook communications. I apologize for not updating our lodge website, as often as I should.  Our lodge website will be updated soon.  If you have not been there in a while, the event notices will be posted there, so that you may schedule your participation in the activities in advance. Please browse through the dates when you can, so you do not miss the Fellowship Dinners, Wine Tastings, Cigar Social, and our 2nd annual Bube’s Tavern/Cabelas/Cigar International bus trip.  Also, do not forget to bring your friends and family to our community Fish Fry on August 6th.

If any of the Brethren would like to plan a lodge or community event...please contact myself or Sr. Warden Kroger or Jr. Warden Ammazzalorso.  I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you at the May regular business meeting.

Greg Southward WM​